Applying for loan

Applying for loan

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What makes a Credit Union loan different?



Your savings remain in tact.

No fees

There are no hidden fees or transaction charges.

Fair interest rates

Credit union interest rates are fair, reasonable and capped by law.

Repayments calculated daily

Repayments are calculated at a daily rate on your reducing balance, so you pay less interest with each repayment.

Peace of mind

Your credit loan is insured with Loan Protection Insurance Find out More

Pay off early

You can pay off your loan early, make additional lump sum repayments or increase your regular repayments, without a penalty.
Applying for loan
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Do it your way

Whether it’s help with home improvements, cash to change the car, or a boost to make your dream wedding or holiday a reality, a loan of £10,000 or more is now even better with Slieve Gullion Credit Union, with our reduced rate of just 7.23% APR.

In case of any default in payment as agreed, the entire balance of the promissory note shall immediately become due and payable.

In consideration of you having agreed at our request to advance sums to the Borrower I the Guarantor jointly and severally guarantee the repayments by the Borrower of all the sums on the Note at the times and manner set out in the note and my liability shall not be affected by the granting of time or indulgence to the Borrower or any Guarantor, the impairment of any security taken from the Borrower or for any reason which but for this provision might release me from liability on this guarantor. The Borrower and Guarantor severally hereby pledge all paid shares, all payments on account of shares, and all deposits, which each now has or hereafter may have in Slieve Gullion Credit Union Limited as security for repayment of this loan together with interest, costs, and expenses. The Borrower and Guarantor severally waive presentments for payment, demand, protest, and notice of protest and dishonor of the same. The Note to the extent it covers refinancing of an existing loan is in substitution for any promissory note given by the Borrower in respect of that loan.

Slieve Gullion Credit Union Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 573711 and is affiliated to the Irish League of Credit Unions Protected by FSCS

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