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A loan from the people you trust

We look at things differently. Do it your way with a Credit Loan and borrow £50,000 above shares.

Dream loan
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For those big dreams or little dreams

Loans up to £50,000 above a member's shares are available and can be borrowed over terms ranging from 1-10 years. See the below representative examples.

Loans: only 7.32% APR* for loans over £10,000 Rate 7% (7.229 % APR) Maximum term 10 years

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Personal loan
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The ‘I got it with my credit union’ loan

Whatever you need it for, Slieve Gullion Credit Union can help organise a personal loan. It is an important decision, but your repayments don’t have to be a financial burden.

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Car loan
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Time for a bigger car? We’ve got the flexible car loan for you.

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new car, a second-hand bargain or your first set of wheels, we have the loan to get you on the road.

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Home improvements loan
Home Improvements
The ‘I can stop pretending I know DIY’ Loan

We provide loans for all types of home improvements, whether you’re fixing a leak or painting the kitchen, we can help turn your bright ideas into reality.

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Wedding loan
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The 'Help make all dreams come true' loan

Tying the knot? We can help support you as a happy couple the whole way, so you can rest easy and enjoy planning the biggest day of your lives!

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Holiday loan
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Need a break?

From a quick, weekend break to family getaways or longer trips abroad, we can help finance your holiday and help make memories.

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Back to school loan
School Loan
The “She gets her brains from me” Loan

Whether you’re looking for the “school books and uniforms cost a fortune” loan or the “because he wants to be an astronaut” loan, we can help take the pressure off your purse-strings now, or throughout the school year. There are no administration charges, hidden fees or transaction charges with a maximum loan amount of £500 over 12 months.

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Communion loans
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The “That’s the Holy Communion sorted” loan

We offer friendly, accessible loans for special occasions to help relieve the financial burden. With flexible terms and repayments options, we will do whatever we can to accommodate your needs.

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Staycation Loans
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Pack your bags for a break away!

While we can't wait to go on a holiday, it is more likely that your next holiday will closer to home. If you plan to book or have already booked, we have a loan for you to make your "Staycation" even better.

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Whether you’re dreaming of a new vehicle, a wedding celebration or simply undertaking home improvements, see how much you can save with a loan from Slieve Gullion Credit Union.

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While every care has been taken in the production of this web page, the Credit Union, or any of its staff, cannot be held responsible for any omissions, errors or other mistakes made. This web page is for illustrative purposes only, to give you, the borrower, an overview of the potential cost of borrowing. Please note, the Credit Union offers loans up to £50k above shares.
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Do it your way

Whether it’s help with home improvements, cash to change the car, or a boost to make your dream wedding or holiday a reality, a loan of £10,000 or more is now even better with Slieve Gullion Credit Union, with our reduced rate of just 7.23% APR.

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